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Autism Clinical Center

Applied Behavior Analysis

Backed By Research

The Autism Center at the Child Mind Institute offers comprehensive and targeted Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our ABA programs help children to learn developmental skills that they are not acquiring naturally, with a focus on skills that maximize long term outcomes and quality of life. Parents and caregivers are simultaneously trained in specialized techniques to integrate into daily routines with their child to support key developmental areas. We offer these interventions to:

  • Enhance communication and language skills
  • Build play and social skills
  • Increase independence in daily routines and self-care
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce problem behaviors

Our board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA) work as part of a multidisciplinary team with psychologists and speech and language therapists to provide comprehensive services.   

The application of our ABA treatment relies on well-studied and evidence-based methods utilizing Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention (NDBI) methodologies that are based on research including Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), Project Impact, Incidental Teaching (IT), and Natural Environmental Training (NET).

Individualized Approach

Our board-certified team takes a highly individualized approach for each child and family, working in partnership with other professionals on the child’s educational and treatment plans.

  • Young Children: Intensive programs for young children ages 1–8 target the development of foundational communication, play, social, and behavioral skills that are crucial for later skill acquisition. Targeted programs are available to address common challenges of early childhood including toilet training, sleep, and picky eating.
  • Children and Tweens: For children ages 8-12, a variety of individualized programs are available, ranging from intensive to targeted programs to improve disruptive or inflexible behavior, social skills deficits, and to build adaptive skills of daily living.
  • Teens and Young Adults: Targeted ABA services are also available for adolescents and young adults who need specialized support developing independence and acquiring daily living, home, community, and vocational skills.

Caregiver Role

While our work centers on 1:1 teaching with the child, simultaneously, the child’s primary caregivers are an integral part of intervention. Parents and caregivers are trained in specialized techniques that they can integrate into daily routines with their child to support key developmental areas and behavior.