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School and Community Programs

Guiding Values

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Informed by feedback from the communities we serve, our team has implemented a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Our Guiding Values

The School and Community Programs team is committed to increasing equity in mental health care, following the scientific evidence, and building sustained collaboration with schools and communities.


Fight the Stigma

We know that mental health and learning disorders are real, common, and treatable. That’s why we work to let everyone know that they are not alone, and help is available. Merely starting a conversation about mental health in a school setting can transform a child’s life.


Meet Kids Where They Already Are

No child is more deserving than another, but access to mental health care is not equally available. This is why we focus on meeting students’ needs through in-school programs and empowering educators through professional training.


Follow the Evidence

We maximize our impact by grounding our programs in decades of scientific research validated through our experience with over 141,000 educators, students, and caregivers across more than 9,000 schools.


Practice Both Prevention and Intervention

The right mental health intervention at the right time can help a child in crisis find a path toward a better life. And there are simple mental health skills that can benefit every child and, for some kids, prevent a crisis later. So we believe the most effective mental health initiatives combine both prevention and intervention.


Build Sustained Collaboration

Truly supporting children’s mental health is a collaborative effort between educators, clinicians, and caregivers to build skills, identify issues, and work on solutions that kids can use throughout their lives. That’s why we provide professional trainings and sustainable strategies that build capacity and resilience over multiple years.

Our Programs

School and Community Programs empower communities to provide effective support for students and educators.